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My formal bio is below, but it doesn't tell you everything about who or where I am as a writer today: After four years of working on a first, second and third draft, I'm finally looking to launch my novel, "Global Dawn" into the big wide world!
If you enjoy codes and myth like in “The Da Vinci Code” or “The Rule of Four”, you'll probably like it. (Take a look at my website for excerpts: www.webhaven.co.il)

I don't know if good blogging is the way to an agent's heart, but I'm giving it a try and looking forward to meeting other writing professionals along the path.

So, a few words about the book: It's a story of the dream or delusion of a pretty cool artist, musician and geographer, born in England, living in Israel and driven towards the Jerusalem that eludes him. We share his passion for art, women and technology in the streets, villages and courtyards of modern-day Israel. His vision takes on a life of its own, leaving us to question if he's dreams straddle the borders of insanity or whether, maybe, he's a true prophet.

And a bit more (the formal bit) about me:
Deborah Gelbard, University of London honours graduate in French and Spanish Literature, also has a Higher Diploma in French Studies from the University of Nice, France. She has published academic essays on the work of Marcel Proust and is the Technical Editor of Horizon, electronic magazine of the International Peace Research Association. Ms. Gelbard has lived, studied and worked in England, France, Belgium, Spain and Israel, where she has lived since 1978. Her professional experience includes commercial diplomacy at the British Embassies in Madrid and Tel-Aviv, marketing consultancy and marketing writing for the hi-tech industry in Israel.